DAF – MIX BOX OF 28 MINCES (28 x 454g)

DAF – MIX BOX OF 28 MINCES (28 x 454g)

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A selection of 28 x 454g minces chosen by us, may include a variety of the following:

Beef Mince

Turkey & Tripe Mince

Turkey Mince

Meaty Mince (Beef, Pork & Lamb)

Lamb & Tripe Mince

Lamb Mince

Duck & Tripe Mince

Duck Mince

Chicken & Lamb Mince

Chicken & Tripe Mince

Chicken & Oily Fish Mince

Chicken Mince

Beef & Tripe Mince

Beef & Chicken Mince

Goose Mince

Beef & Heart Mince

Pork Mince

(Not suitable for dogs with Allergies of any of the above)