Transitioning Your Cat to Raw


As most of us know our feline friends can be the fussiest, stubborn, awkward eaters going, even when it comes to their usual wet or dry commercial food. So, transitioning your baby onto raw may take a few weeks of trying to convince them that high quality, high protein with no fillers is the best way to go!!!

They may put up a fight - but the result will be so worth it!!!

Day 1 to 3 - Mix one teaspoon of raw into their usual meal, mix thoroughly so they won't notice.

Day 4 to 6 - Mix 2 teaspoons of raw into their usual meal.

Day 7 to 9 - Mix 3 teaspoons of raw cat food into their meal, reducing their normal food down each time.

Day 10 to around 25% should be raw to 75% usual cat food.

Day 18 to 24 - 50% should now be raw

Day 25 to 30 - 75% raw cat food to only 25% usual food

Day 30 - your baby should now be ready to switch fully to Raw! 

Your Cat may refuse to eat their new food whilst transitioning or even once transitioned, this is normal - don't give in!!! Leave the bowl down & stay strong, their appetite will increase again.

Your cat may have days of eating lots more than others, this is very normal, especially for kittens. 

Always ensure access to fresh water, however your cat may drink less than before, especially if they had a mainly dry food diet.

You may notice a change of smell in the litter trays, this is totally normal while transitioning. Within a week or two of being purely on raw, you will notice the poo smell completely disappears, and they don’t use the tray as much. This is because raw cat food contains no fillers and waste, therefore more food is utilised in the body.