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Whilst keeping our small company’s big values at the forefront of development, we have worked with leading nutritionists to create a unique, complete meal. It isn’t a kibble, and it isn’t wet.  It isn’t cold-pressed, and it isn’t your traditional raw, (but it hasn’t been cooked) …Curious?

Our air-dried raw food is made in small batches, using ethically sourced, quality British ingredients and our very own gentle drying expertise.  The result is a semi-moist, great tasting, healthy and nutritious feast.  The handmade production method means with minimum processing and no high temperatures, the nutrients and flavours of the ingredients are maintained.

The food is suitable for everyday feeding and can be stored at room temperature. Once opened the food will stay fresh for up to eight weeks, making it very convenient. It is best served straight from the pouch, with no requirements to add water. 

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