Poorly Paws - The Pocket Size Interactive First Aid Kit

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of doing canine first aid course, taught by the amazing Rachel Bean RVN, what a great day we had & so much learnt.

The day was hosted by the lovely Alex & Gabriella the inspiration of Poorly Paws First Aid Kit which can easily be carried in a pocket, strapped to a lead, collar, or belt containing the vital elements of a first aid kit for dogs. 

Alex & Gabriella were out for a walk with their dog, who stepped on a piece of broken glass -  too far from the car and too far from a vet - they needed something until they could get their four legged friend some medical attention!
Thus the inspiration of Poorly Paws first aid kit came about with the help & advice of Rachel Bean RVN. 
Poorly Paws first aid kit can provide efficient and fast aid to all dogs.  Inside the kit you will find the essentials from a bandage to saline solution including access to videos provided by a qualified veterinary nurse, giving visual step by step instructions on some common emergency situations.
A 17 piece kit all in a waterproof, lightweight and compact pouch, measuring just 10 cm x 10 cm, easily carried on any daily walk.
Refill Kits also available.
What a great product we now proudly stock in our store and carry with us on our daily walks - much needed with our accident prone pair!!!
To find out more & view Poorly Paws First Aid Kit Click Here


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