Huskaloo - The Future Of Cat Litter, Save Money And Help Save The Planet!

Huskaloo, the future of Cat Litter

Huskaloo is compressed bricks of dehydrated coconut husk. Husk is a natural by-product of coconuts and much of it would otherwise be thrown away.

​90% smaller and lighter than clay cat litters, Huskaloo is cheaper and greener to store and transport. One box, the size and weight of a cereal box, contains eight bricks – enough for up to 2 months' supply for one cat.

​Coconut husk is incredibly absorbent, naturally

hypo-allergenic and naturally resistant to bacteria. There is no dust and it is softer on a cat’s paws.

​Huskaloo is compostable and biodegradable. All of the packaging is recyclable. Nothing needs to go to landfill.

​So it’s lighter, smaller, greener, cheaper and more absorbent.

​Huskaloo - the World's first Eco-Friendly Compact Cat Litter

Huskaloo from Reach Plc on Vimeo.

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