Coming soon -Carnilove!

We absolutely love this product as another great alternative to raw. While we are Pro raw, and still believe that this is the best diet for your dog's, we do realise that this is not for everyone, and indeed every dog. We are very selective in any dry foods we stock, and will only stock the best quality that is available. So to go alongside our other quality brands, we have now become stockists of Carnilove. We will be carrying a great variety of their products and if there is anything we have missed, or would like, please do let us know.

And we have not forgot about our lovely cat customers, we will be carrying a great selection of cat food and treats for your feline friends too!

We will also be carrying a large range of their treats, which we have tested in house with Otis and Nala, and they absolutely loved them!

The pricing on Carnilove is superb for the quality of product, and we are very impressed all round.

We expect this to be in stock towards the end of next week and it will be available

Carnilove- Dogs : HERE

Carnilove- Cat : HERE

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