FLEXX Joint Supplement For Dogs 200g
FLEXX Joint Supplement For Dogs 200g
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FLEXX Joint Supplement For Dogs 200g

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ProDog Flexx is an expertly formulated dietary supplement powder designed to be easily added to food. Suitable for dogs of all ages (from 24 weeks) regardless of size or breed. A blend of nature’s finest, human-grade botanics, nutraceuticals and superfoods. Precisely blended to support optimal joint structure and function, plus, promote mobility and flexibility by helping to balance the body’s natural inflammatory response. The active ingredients in Flexx also act as a nourishing skin and coat conditioner.  

No Synthetic Enhancers
Zero Nasties
Species Specific Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Each 4gm scoop (1 serving) contains:

MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane)

Vital in supporting the body’s natural formation of keratin, collagen and elastin which promote flexibility and tone in a dog’s bones and joints, also essential for promoting the health of connective tissues. Making this addition to a dog’s diet can assist in balancing MSM levels which naturally deplete with age. 

Fish Collagen & Oil

Rich in the fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9) essential nutrient support for superior brain and gut function, physical health and essential nourishment for optimal skin and coat conditioning.

Hemp Protein

A complete protein source, containing all essential amino acids vital for muscle tissue repair. Hemp is a plant-based protein, kinder to a dog’s digestive system than milk-based proteins (such as whey) often found in canine supplements; when combined with fish oils delivers multiple benefits. Nourishes from the inside out for radical skin and coat conditioning, supports the ligaments and aids the body’s natural joint and muscle recovery mechanisms. Aids improvement in gut health which can assist in the prevention of conditions such as colitis, idiopathic diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease


Widely acknowledged to have a host of well-being benefits for any dog. The bio-active component is curcumin, as the most important curcuminoid, it’s renowned for a superb ability to assist in balancing the body’s inflammatory response; therefore helping to soothe and ease inflamed joints.

Chlorella (Algae)

A nutrient dense algae, rich in chlorella growth factor and enriched with nucleic acid. This combination is the perfect complement to aid natural detoxification, support immune function, improve digestion and encourage heart and kidney health. 

Glucosamine Sulphate

Serves as a building block for a variety of functional molecules in the body, used alongside chondroitin, this combination is recognised to help nurture cartilage and joint health.


A vital component naturally found in dog’s cartilage which gives elasticity. Natural age-related depletion of chondroitin can be stabilised through supplemental additions - which can help to prevent the breakdown of cartilage and stimulate natural repair mechanisms, therefore supporting improved mobility and flexibility.

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, essential to optimal immunity, tissue strength and vitality. A potent antioxidant that works to help neutralise the free radical damage of tissues and cells; therefore supporting the body against ageing changes and helping to maintain healthy teeth, gums, bones and collagen levels.


Nutritional Information


Each 4gm scoop (1 serving) contains

MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) 1000mg

Chondroitin 400mg

Fish collagen & oil 500mg

Hemp protein 500mg

Glucosamine sulphate 500mg

Turmeric 500mg

Chlorella 500mg

Vitamin C 100mg